Just need one great shot?


Join me @ MAB Studio in West LA on Saturday, July 13th from 11am to 6pm for our inaugural QUICKSHOTS Day!

With a QuickShots Session you'll receive:

  • 20-min Complimentary headshot-style portrait session
  • Online gallery with your very own High-Resolution Ready-To-Print images
  • Pay-by-Image; Only purchase the images you absolutely love ❤
  • A great way to freshen up your professional & social profiles; a selfie upgrade!

About Quickshots Events

It's a statement that we've heard time and time again, "I don't need a whole headshot session, I only need one great shot!"

Introducing Quickshots Sessions

Quickshots Events are rapid fire, headshot-style, portrait sessions designed to be affordable. Here's a little glimpse of how your session will look:

  • You'll arrive to your Quickshots Session absolutely camera ready - that means there's no time for hair, makeup or wardrobe styling. Be prepared - you'll be in front of the lens the minute you arrive!
  • We'll spend the next 20-mins capturing as many portraits as we possibly can - working together to get you that one great shot!
  • Shortly after your session, you'll receive an online gallery with high quality ready for web & ready-to-print headshots. Now you'll be able to select and purchase only your absolute favorite shots!


Do I need to schedule a session? Will I be able to just walk in?

Scheduling your session is always recommended to make the most of your time. However, we will absolutely be accepting walkins!

Is Hair & Makeup Styling Included?

It wouldn't be a QUICKSHOT session if hair & makeup was included! Please arrive to your session camera ready.

We're working on having someone available during the event for any a la carte services you might like to purchase. If purchasing an a la carte hair or makeup service please be sure to allow extra time for that service before your Quickshots Session. There is not time allotted for hair & makeup during your 20-min complimentary portrait session. We will confirm if any services are available prior to the event day.

Okay, what about waredrobe styling?

Again, we're doing this fast so there's no time for us to help with that either.

Please arrive promptly and camera ready. When your session starts you'll want to use every second focusing on getting THE shot.

Personalized wardrobe styling is available for our full Headshot Sessions.

What color backdrop will you use? How do I know that my outfit choice wont clash?

If we decide to use a backdrop that's outside the usual range of neutral colors (a bright pink flower wall, for example!) at a Quickshots Event we will be sure to notify everyone with ample time to prepare. In general we'll try to have 1-2 set ups ready to go at each event - a light and a dark setup. Below are a few guidelines to follow when deciding on wardrobe for portraits.

Simple is always best: The photo is about your face. Avoid clothing with bright, loud, busy patterns and logos. Instead try to do a range of earthy and neutral hues - blues, greens, grays. Be sure to bring color options other than just black and white!

Bring Tops with varying necklines: This is a great way to mix it up and create interest!

Don't worry about below the waistline: we'll be keeping things chest up!

Ultimately, it's most important that you wear what makes you feel most like you and fabulous!

How many looks can I do?

As many as you can fit into your 20-minutes! It's your session - use it how you'd like!

When will I get my photos?

Your will receive an online gallery link with all your photos within 24 hours of your session. From there you'll be able to favorite, purchase, & download only your absolute favorites!

Will my online gallery show every single shot from the shoot?

Unfortunately, photography just doesn't work that way. Out of focus, blinks, blurs & other boo-boos happen. After the shoot, we'll go through and toss the absolutely unusable images. Your gallery will only be the cream of the crop!

Okay, you've got my attention but how much will this cost?

Your 20-min QUICKSHOTS session is complimentary. That means there is no upfront cost to you to have a fantastic shoot!

Once you receive and review your online gallery if there are any photos you'd like to keep then they're just $50/image.

“I was in desperate need of professional headshots and my friend recommended Anita. My experience with her was amazing! Her enthusiasm during the shoot made me feel like a star and the end result made me look like one.”