Is Personal Branding for me?

You're a small business owner or a professional, a painter, a DJ, a fashion blogger, a chef, a community advocate, a yoga instructor, a hairstylist or makeup artist, a life coach - and you're ready to make the next step to level up your brand!

Today's average client needs a lot more than a business name and logo. They want to get to know YOU. They want to know who you are. What you mean to them. Do you share the same values? Can they relate to you?

A Personal Branding session is a way that you can not only tell them... you can show them.

How Personal Branding Sessions Work

Plan Your Story

We start off with a branding strategy and production meeting. Together we'll create your campaign & work out the logistics for your shoot. What story to you want to share? Which locations to we need for your session? Who else needs to be involved? Do we need to hire a Hair & Makeup Artist? This is when we lay out all the questions on the table and get everything ready for your session!

Your Branding Session

The day of your session has arrived! There is no need to panic about a thing because we've already detailed everything we need to tackle during our planning meeting. You'll have your day and together we'll capture the story that will bring your clients or fans even closer to you!

Share Your Story!

This is where all the hard work comes together. You now have your perfectly curated and personalized image library that you can access at a moment's notice to keep content on all of your social media platforms flowing!

Branding Sessions start @ $610


How many pictures will I receive?

The goal of a Personal Branding session is to get you as many usable images as possible to cover a minimum of one quarter of a year worth of social media posts. After your session you'll receive an online gallery of ready-to-post images that have been lightly processed.

Additional retouching available upon request

Is Hair & Makeup Included? Is it required?

Hair & Makeup Styling is included with Personal Branding Sessions. As I consider H&MU to be a very personal choice the decision to use their service is up to you! If you have any specific concerns be sure to bring it up during our production and planning meeting.

“Are you a creative professional who needs a headshot? Anita Wilson is a visionary photographer who will make you look amazing while she makes you laugh!”